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Overcoming great adversity.

Published: May 16th, 2023 08:34 pmBy Balagopal Keeran

In the summer of 2011, for the first time in history, an Australian won the Tour de France.

His name is Cadel Evans.

But Cadel is probably the last Australian you would've ever expected to win such an elite event.

Here's why I say that...

Cadel Evans was born with a broken nose, 3 weeks past his due date.

Then, at the age of 8, he was kicked in the head by a horse.

The force of the kick cracked his skull.

Cadel was in a coma for weeks.

The doctors did not expect he would ever be able to walk again.

But Cadel was determined.

He beat the odds in spite of the bad hand he'd been dealt.

He not only walked again... he became a professional cyclist.

And, at the age of 34, Cadel became the first Australian to win the Tour de France, the world's largest sporting event.

You know, Milton Erickson was also dealt a bad hand in life.

He was struck by polio and bedridden for weeks. His doctors fully expected him to die.

But Erickson persisted, turning his misfortune into an opportunity to develop his powers of observation.

To this day, Erickson is recognized as one of the greatest hypnotherapists in history.

As you may have noticed, there is a parallel between Cadel and Milton.

Cadel Evans was dealt a bad hand. He succeeded anyway.

Milton Erickson was dealt a bad hand. He succeeded anyway.

Their successes did not happen by accident.

Rather, each of these men deliberately pressed forward, turning every setback into an advantage.

Are you facing hard times or setbacks?

Don't accept them at face value. And don't use them as excuses for failure.

Remember: The seeds of opportunity are often hidden within hardship.

It's your job to find those seeds... water them... and make them grow... so you, too, can reap a future of success and abundance.

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