The Energy That Fuels Us From Within

17 Apr 2020

There are many different forms of energy - potential, kinetic, mechanical, sound, light, heat, electrical, elastic, chemical, gravitational, nuclear, etc. And the energy of motion is called kinetic energy.

On a generic note, without upsetting any scientist out there, we can safely say that Energy is the ability to do work.

If kinetic energy is the energy of motion, a slight twist of words would help us catch a different angle to look at things. Emotions - The Energy In Motion.

The Latin derivative for the word emotion, emotere, literally means energy in motion. It is the feeling sensation and physiological reaction that makes a specific emotion positive or negative. Feeling is what we label as anger, sadness, fear or joy - or any label from the 400+ list of identified and labelled emotions.

Well, after the long and short of it, here is a question to the reader. Would it be a sign of intelligence if we use our energies wisely and not let it waste? If Yes is the answer, then would it not be intelligent to identify and use our emotional energy for a good cause?

Emotions carry energies. Anger is a bundle full of energy, which if channelized well, can be utilized for betterment of self (first) and (then) the society.

It's not a play of words. It is a process of identifying the energy and being able to utilize it.

Identifying and Channelizing Emotions (and the energy within) is, simply said - Emotional Maturity or Emotional Intelligence.

Written By

Huzefa Motiwalla

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