Find your purpose

14 Jul 2020

Did you know?

A person who has a defined purpose always wins. It’s always a wonder when we see how some people achieve their set goals in spite of their challenges. That is why and how these people become our inspiration or ‘our hero/heroine’ many times. We are aw struck! Don’t we?!

So, come on let us decode this behavior of achieving a goal. It is very simple. They have had a strong purpose.


We all have, right!

Then, what makes the difference?

A winner’s purpose is to make it big and the rest of the community just makes it for survival. If we observe our behavior too, we keep winning every day in small trivial matters like, winning a conversation with people around us or getting what we want from our loved ones etc. Just observe what you did to get what you want or to win a fight. You were so focused and consistent about getting what you want, right?!That was your strong purpose behind your conversation!!!

When you shift that grit you showcased in winning the conversation to a bigger purpose of winning a bigger GOAL, then it’s done. YOU ARE A HERO FOR SOMEONE ELSE!!!

Find a strong purpose.

When, ‘why I have to do this?’ is strong enough how follows. Let us say for example you want to change the job. Ask yourself few questions to get more clarity as to why, are you sure, what if you don’t, why are you serious etc., and if for all these questions your answers are convincing then your purpose is correct. Go ahead and showcase the grit to fight it.

Choose your battle!

Are you going to win petty ones? Or

Are you going to make it big?

Choose your battle! Find your purpose!! Hit the target with grit!!!

Become a ‘HERO’ for others!!!


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Alphia Anita

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