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Operational Excellance

Published: Nov 29th, 2022 09:58 amBy Chandrasekaran Sundaram

Operational Excellence:

A common definition you will find is that it is the execution of business strategy more consistently and reliably than competition, with lower risks, lower operating costs and increased revenue.
This resonates with me and I will add to this definition and say that Operational Excellence is driven by :
1.Continuous improvement of our processes and systems
2. driving the right culture and discipline in our people
This of course is easier said than done and therefore means that we have to unlearn, learn and relearn on a constant basis,  And when the banking sector especially during a strange new time as this, seek new ways of doing things in our operations to meet the overarching objective of superior business performance. 
We should look forward to enhance our services and make it more convenient for our customers and deliver the same with diligence  – in spite of the prevailing environment.

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Operational Excellance November 29th, 2022 09:58 am

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