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20 Days - 30 Ways

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Location : all over
Date : 21 Jun 2021
Time : 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

About The Event

Everyone carry hurts in some or other ways. Knowingly- unknowingly we keep nurturing them so the root grows deeper clings to our core and stops us from enjoying togetherness . lets dare to uproot it and refresh our relationships  At times feel so overburdened with emotions, task, responsibilities i want to express it but i am labeled as a aggressive, dominating. I am so afraid within, feel confused and always have a fear of how others will take it? Now its enough. i wish to change my tags, remove my labels, put off my old baggage and let the world know what i really am. Join us for workshop to learn the art and skill of happy relationship

Key Benefits

  • What, Why & how of coaching
  • physical, mental & social development at early age
  • Goal, Role & process of parenting in raising child
  • how to communicate to get desired results
  • how belief and behavior are developed ,do's & don'ts of parenting,

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