Dr. Rakesh Dashpute

Life Skills Coach . Motivational Speaker . Mindfulness Trainer .


About Dr. Rakesh

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Dr. Rakesh J Dashpute [Naturopathy Doctor | Yoga Entrepreneur | International Wellness Coach]

A Naturopathy Doctor, Life transformation engineer, Yoga Consultant & Social worker for the past 20 years, He is the CEO  of Suryaupasana Yoga and Healing center Pvt Ltd

 Rakesh has done more than 27 Certifications in Yoga from reputed institutes such as Yog Vidhya Dham, Kaivalayadham, Pune University, BKS Iyengar, Bihar school of Yoga and so on. He has done M.Sc in Yoga and Psychology from Svyasa Yoga University, Bangalore. He has also done M.S (Computer Science) from Pune University. He is certified PLR (Past Life Regression) Therapist, IATD certified Trainer, Master Diabetic trainer.  . He has been practicing and teaching Yoga for the past 20 years. He transformed more than 10000 people's life in the last 20 years including high profile clients and also conducted specialized Yoga workshops, Weight Loss and diabetic reversal workshops, Ikigai and  Life transformation workshops in corporate, Banks, 5 star Hotels , government schools, slums, orphanages, public sector etc. He got numerous awards in the field of social work, education and yoga.  Rakesh has written several articles on diversified subjects in various magazines and journals.

 He is working on a unique project to reverse obesity and pre-diabetes  which will save billions of dollars for our nation.


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Training Specializations

My Skills

Experiences & Accolades


Training Experience

Health and Wellness
  • for INTEL in the Year 2008
Health and Wellness
  • for ORACLE in the Year 2014
  • for a in the Year

Work Experience

  • Aug-2006 - Jul-2008
  • Jul-2008 - Sep-2010
  • Sep-2010 - Currently Working Here

Award Wins

Karmaveer Puraskaar Jyoti award!

Year : 2019

Authority : Karmaveer Chakra award in partnership with the United Nations (UN)

RKGF Gold Chakra

Year : 2016

Authority : REX Karmaveer Council



Certificate No : 007

Certified By : IATD


Certificate No : there are 20 + certificate

Certified By : Oracle


Certificate No : 001335

Certified By : GSNT


Certificate No : jack canfield

Certified By : The Canfield Training Group


Certificate No : Tony

Certified By : Tony Robbions

Life Mastery

Certificate No : Tony Robbions

Certified By : Tony Robbions

Date With destiny

Certificate No : Tony Robbions

Certified By : Tony Robbions

Wealth Mastery

Certificate No : Tony Robbions

Certified By : Tony Robbions

business mastery

Certificate No : Tony Robbions

Certified By : Tony Robbions


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