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Behavioral Trainer . Mindfulness Trainer . Image Consultant .

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Welcome to Pallete India Pvt Ltd, where we believe that when values are clear, making decisions becomes easier. Our mission is to empower individuals and companies to unlock their full potential and achieve their goals.

Led by Mrs.Prajakta Bhujbal, a seasoned entrepreneur, image consultant, and transformational coach, Pallete India is a dynamic enterprise dedicated to helping you navigate the journey of self-discovery and personal growth. With over 13 years of diverse industry experience and a passion for mentoring and training, Mrs. Bhujbal has successfully led multiple fashion brands and received prestigious awards for her dedication and expertise.

At Pallete India, we provide transformative coaching and Image consulting services, helping individuals and organizations build powerful personal and professional images. Whether you're seeking to enhance your confidence, develop a strong brand, or accelerate your career, we offer the 'Power' to propel you forward.

Our services encompass a comprehensive range of areas, including Body image perception, Belief system formation, Self-confidence building, and Self-actualization needed to be powerful Inside out Image. We understand that the journey may have its challenges, but with the guidance ofan experienced mentor, you can overcome any obstacles and achieve extraordinary results.

If you're seeking to create a powerful personal and professional image, accelerate your success, and embrace the 1% mindset, PALLETE INDIA PvtLtd is here to support you every step of the way.

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Awards and Recognitions:

• 2016 - Leading Lady Award by Inspira Magazine

• 2017 - Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award (Apni Tho Chal Padi)given by Maharashtra Times

• 2018 - Pune's Mahila Udyogika Award by "BigFM 95"

• 2019 - "Ander se Strong" Award from Birla Steel TMT

Regards, Pallete India Pvt Ltd



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Training Specializations

My Skills

Experiences & Accolades


Training Experience

First Impression
  • for SUPREME FACILITY PVT LTD in the Year 2022

Work Experience

Pallete India
  • Apr-2022 - May-2023
Cut and Stitch
  • May-2023 - May-2023
M/s. BU Bhandari - Ideal Insurance
  • May-2023 - May-2022
M/S. Pashankar Auto Pvt .Ltd(Chevrolet-General Motors
  • Jun-2011 - Mar-2012
M/S. Hotel Hindusthan International(THE-HHI)
  • Apr-2012 - May-2023
M/S. Challenging Horizon
  • Apr-2013 - May-2023

Award Wins

Costume Designer

Year : 2022

Authority : Victoria Movie


Year : 2020

Authority : Birla TMT Steel

Pune Best Enterprising (Pune Udyogika)

Year : 2019

Authority : Big 95 FM

Leading Lady Award

Year : 2018

Authority : Inspira Magazine

Savitri Bai Puraskar

Year : 2016

Authority :

Hausale Ho Buland

Year : 2015

Authority : o Havard 5000


Train The Trainer

Certificate No : Not Mentioned

Certified By : NABET Accreditations

Soft Skills – Behavioral Content Development

Certificate No : Not Mentioned

Certified By : First Impression School/SQA(Scotland Federation)

Image Consultant

Certificate No : Not Mentioned

Certified By : Consuell Image School-ICBI- India - NABET Accreditations


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