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Lanuched! Executive MBA in Training and Development in India

Training Details

Location : Bangalore
Date : 04 Jan 2020
Time : 09:30 AM - 01:30 PM

About The Event

Scooppin has signed an MOU to work with CLAP International School of Business (http://clapisb.com/) to bring in an exclusive accreditation program for Trainers. CLAP ISB has worked out a beautiful fast-track Executive MBA program for Trainers and L&D executives affiliating with Veritas University, Malaysia. Scooppin.com is bringing this to the Training community in India. Our vision is that no single experienced Trainer should now wait for proper accreditation and credibility in the market. On 4th January 2020, at Bangalore, we launched the INTERNATIONAL EXECUTIVE MBA in Training & Development from Veritas University, Malaysia.

Key Benefits

  • Earn your International Executive MBA in six months
  • Unique Experience Mapping methodology, with no classroom teaching involved.
  • Degree specific to your area of expertise in Training
  • The certificate is tamper-proof and tagged in blockchain
  • Pricing is extremely affordable compared to any other MBA

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