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Trainers Business Growth Workshop - 8th April

Training Details

Location : Virtual (Online)
Date : 04 Aug 2023
Time : 11:00 AM - 01:00 AM

About The Event

The TRAINER's BUSINESS GROWTH WORKSHOP - 2 Hours Block your calendar : Saturday, 8th April, 11 am to 1 pm. Topics Covered 1) Current Market Scenario 2) Creating Escape Velocity 3) Digital Presence Vs Authority 4) Automation for Trainers 5) Cost-Benefit Analysis 6) Digital Authority Workshop (Hands-On) - 1 Hour. 7) Free account for all participants This is for those Trainers among us who believe that community-collaboration with an authentic digital outreach can create un-connected market access and better opportunities -During the 2 hours, together we will build your digital portfolio, live!???? - If you already have an account, we will learn how to enhance it to make it look the best! Register here to be among the 1st 100s to attend this FREE event!

Key Benefits

  • Build digital presence
  • Save cost
  • Save time
  • Network
  • Build Business

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