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What is Consciousness-based Self-Mastery?

Published: Apr 29th, 2021 10:28 pmBy Sandiip Pandit

Self Mastery is not just about Success!

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.
” Viktor E. Frankl”

Isn’t this so true in today’s COVID-19 pandemic situation?

Consciousness based Self-Mastery is about Success, Happiness and Peace all together

We have not just changed ourselves in this new normal post-COVID-19, but we have transformed our lives forever. Did we know that we are capable of doing this? Not at all!

We could do it because we all have seeds of ‘Consciousness-based Self-Mastery’ within us! We need to be just aware of the need for it.

  • When the situation forced us to stay locked inside to save our and others' lives, we did that!
  • When the situation forced us to not meet our loved ones for their safety, we did that!
  • When the situation forced us to spend more time with ourselves, we did that too!

When the external situations demanded, we were pushed to our limits of self-transformation. Truly successful ignited and aware souls keep working on themselves every time and keep becoming better individuals each day.

They do not compete with others, but with themselves and keep improving by knowing who they are and then managing themselves and finally achieve Self-Mastery to walk on the life path they were meant to be. Ultimately they reach Self-actualization!

There are 4 Stages of Self Mastery

Know Yourself —-> Manage Yourself—>Master Yourself—- Self-Actualize

We need to work at 4 Planes to reach the stage of Consciousness-based-Self-Mastery

  1. Physical
  2. Mental
  3. Emotional
  4. Spiritual

Again, there are 4 ways to build ‘Consciousness-Based Self-Mastery’

1. Self-awareness

Your thoughts are constantly taking you into the future or the past so, consequently, this is probably where you spend most of your life. To be aware is to be present—to live in this moment, the NOW.

To be aware is to always keep coming back to what is happening NOW.

The NOW is where you connect with your Higher Self, with your Essence. Being aware is to witness your thoughts, emotions, actions, and the world with non-attachment.

2. Discernment/Choice

Everything in life before Self-Mastery is a choice. Your choices give rise to actions and then that creates results or success and the life you create and live. When you allow the ego to control your choices, you live in lower vibrations. When you choose forgiveness, compassion, and Truth, you move into your Mastery.

To discern is to choose wisely with an all-encompassing outlook. First, you need to be aware that there are choices and then to choose consciously – to become the conscious choice–maker.

The subtlest level of discernment is to ask the heart for guidance so your choices come from love and not fear. When you choose Light over darkness, the whole universe opens to support you.

3. Decision

Once you have made your conscious choice, you need to have the courage to act on it. The ego is always waiting to distract you, and the closer you approach Self-Mastery, the more powerful the distractions become. To be focused on the path of Self-Mastery requires you to be one-pointed without being rigid. Be like water – easy-flowing and unstoppable. To be firm without oppression, to be resolved without judgment, to be strong with humility.

Water is flexible & strong. Flexibility is the sign of strength; only dead bodies are brittle. Take your conscious choice and make a commitment to it, while still remaining unattached to its outcome.

It requires you to practice silence and stillness so your inner wisdom can reveal itself. Surrender to the Divine so when things don’t seem to be going your way, you realize there’s an even greater opportunity waiting for you. Self-Mastery also requires you to be courageous, to step out from the crowd and know that there’s no turning back. Be aware of the distractions, witness them, and let them go. Stay focused but flexible. Look for the clues that will be sent to help you. Transmute any difficulties into opportunities. Trust your inner wisdom.

4. Realization/ Manifestation

When you realize your Self-Mastery, you radiate your Light and Divinity for all to enjoy. You can neither harm nor be harmed. Lonely becomes solitary freedom, Happiness becomes bliss, separation becomes wholeness, your feminine and masculine qualities merge. You realize your Oneness. Fully awake in the I Am Presence, Pure Consciousness, Truth, Love.

You will not be trying anymore for anything, yet arriving! There is no need for choice in the regular sense because all your actions are spontaneously in alignment with Natural Law.

This is what I call Consciousness based Self-Mastery!

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