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Webinars & Workshops - FREE or for FEE?

Published: Apr 25th, 2023 12:33 pmBy Suresh Babu

I had been conducting Workshops / Webinars Successfully since 2014 and they were as small as '90 Mins Webinar' to as long as '2 Days over a Week End', and here are some important aspects to consider and hope they will help you decide.

Through this blog, mu intention and effort is to see if this small article on Advantages and Disadvantages of FREE Webinars, would help all Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) plan like you and conduct Webinars / Workshops.

MOST of the TIME, I hear this question, should it be FREE or for a FEE.

Providing a FREE Workshop can have several advantages and disadvantages: 2 Cents from ME 2 U

3 Major Advantages:

1. Increased participation: Offering a free workshop can attract more participants than a paid workshop, as there is no financial barrier to entry.

2. Enhanced reputation: By offering a free workshop, you can demonstrate your expertise and willingness to help others, which can enhance your reputation in your field.

3. Networking opportunities: A free workshop can provide opportunities for attendees to network with other participants and the facilitator, potentially leading to future collaborations or partnerships.

3 Major Disadvantages:

1. Lower perceived value: Participants may perceive a free workshop as less valuable than a paid workshop, which could affect their level of engagement and commitment to the program.

2. Limited revenue: Providing a free workshop means that there is no direct revenue generated from the program, which could limit the ability to invest in future program development or marketing.

3. Attendance commitment: Offering a free workshop may lead to a higher rate of no-shows or last-minute cancellations, which can make it difficult to plan and deliver the program effectively.

Ultimately, whether to offer the workshop for free or for a fee depends on your goals, target audience, and resources. If your primary objective is to build awareness and generate leads, a free workshop may be the best option.

However, if you are looking to generate revenue or build a sustainable business model, a paid workshop may be more appropriate.

I urge, all SMEs must and should share knowledge and not as a lecture, however as a compelling Webinar and/or Seminar.

Your Friend, Coach Suresh

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