Myths and Facts about PoSH “ Prevention Of Sexual Harassment at Workplace “

Published: Jan 29th, 2021 09:29 amBy ARCHANA RAJESH

Myths and Facts  about PoSH “ Prevention Of Sexual Harassment at Workplace “

·      Myth:- It is applicable for organisations housing more than ten employees. { Fact :- PoSH Law is applicable even if you have one employee in your company.}

·      Myth :- Sexual harassment is when a man harasses a woman. { Fact  :- PoSH Law is a applicable if the victim is a women, the person who has committed the crime can be a Man / Woman / Transgender }

·      Myth :- PoSH is NOT applicable while working from Home {Fact :- PoSH is applicable While working from Home too. }

·      Myth :- Women take advantage of this Law { Fact :- If the complaint is found to be malicious, action is taken against women as per the terms of service law}

·      Myth :- PoSH is not applicable, as I ‘behave’  well with my women colleagues. {Fact :- feeling of woman is given priority at the time of committing the act }.

·      Myth:- All my employees are women so Anti Sexual Harassment policy is not required { Fact :- Anti Sexual Harassment policy is mandatory and should be drafted based on the kind of operation the company is into} 


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