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Published: Oct 9th, 2020 03:36 pmBy Deepma Jadeja

Our journey began in 2013, when we decided to do one summer camp for teenagers in the Art of Public Speaking. We had fun, the kids had fun while developing a usually rather daunting skill, and the parents were happy! “Are we onto something?” we wondered…

Seven years later, the answer is a resounding yes! Our passion project has been undeniably satisfying, and our road to success (though paved with ups, downs, and flats), has been an incredible journey. We’ve learned so many valuable lessons along the way, and had so much fun — more during the down times than up, that we wouldn’t have it any other way!

This is why everything we do at The Confident Communicator is designed to encourage and enable you to believe in your personal power. Why? Because once you believe that, every goal is attainable and every dream is within reach.

Our mission is to empower every customer to become the best version of themselves through our training, coaching, and merchandise.


Leadership Communication: has been designed to provide youngsters a safe space to create their own personal narrative; to find their authentic voice; to feel empowered to articulate it with confidence; while accepting failure as a stepping-stone to success. We are here to provide our container of experience to help them deal with an education system engineered to judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree. This is the generation that wants to live in, and will create, a whole new world built on shared experiences, opinions and collaborations. And, we will proudly proclaim that we were part of their journey!

We do this through a series of public speaking, team building, communication skills, and leadership oriented activities. The children learn in a fun environment, where they are empowered to voice their opinions, while developing the listening skills and empathy to accept others’ opinions as equally valid. They learn to accept some of our solutions, to re-define other problems and come up with their own out-of-the-box solutions — and they learn to communicate and sell these to a world that will have no choice but to listen and buy-in!

Online Training

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We have always been very ambivalent about Online Training (a prime example of being afraid of doing something “different”). With the Covid-19 lockdown, we were forced to face our fears, adapt and become resilient. We developed a curriculum for 10–15 year olds and launched immediately. The classes included creative writing through blogging & short stories, new skill building, public speaking, group discussions and so much more. We called the program L.A.R.K. (Online) — Learning, Adaptability, and Resilience in Kids — and trained 60+ kids in just 4 weeks!

Parents were ecstatic that, though the kids were on a ‘device’ — they were actually gainfully occupied — not just during class but while doing the assignments for the next day as well. The teens were happy because they were attending a fun class (finally!).

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Now, parents began requesting training programs for their little ones. We obliged by coming up with a story telling, vocabulary building, drawing, singing and activity based curriculum for 5–7 year olds. We called this program Reading is a Superpower.  It’s been very well received — and we feel very blessed.

We are so proud to report that we have now trained a total of 100+ students online in the short 50-day lockdown! And, we will continue as long as schools are closed and kids are home. Once the social distancing norms are relaxed (we assume by September or October) — we hope to restart our classroom sessions once again.

The moral of our online journey has been — don’t be afraid to try new things. And, that Technology is our friend. :-)

We’re so excited and pumped about our online presence — that we are determined to keep uploading relevant content about topics we are passionate about on YouTube, as a free resource to those that may not attend our classes, and for our students who want to keep abreast of their new skills


We are now planning an online version of our Law of Attraction — Making your own Vision Board to manifest your success and the life of your dreams. Stay tuned to our website and social media outlets below for more information on the same.


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My Life My Way, A Personal Almanacaimed at empowering women of all ages chase their dreams, plan and organize their goals, track their schedules, habits & ideas, and get inspired and motivated to start living their dream life. Why would you want to use 4 different apps, and 3 separate notebooks for diverse areas in your life, not to mention a physical wall for your vision board — if you could have everything in one place? And, what if we also promise that it is beautiful enough to display on your desk, on your bookcase, and carry around everywhere isn’t that just fantastic?

This is a gorgeous, keepsake memory book to look back with nostalgia & pride at the accomplishments and triumphs, both big and small, of the year gone by.

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The Conversation CardsThis box contains 100 quirky, fun, conversation cards that have interesting, thought provoking, imaginative questions and statements designed to connect families, friends and teams. These cards are a device-free option and provide thoughtful, insightful, empathetic and crucial topics guaranteed to spark fun & sometimes deep conversations that bring people together.

These conversations boost histories of each family member’s own stories, promotes collaboration, emotional engagement — all while spending priceless family time together and having fun.

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