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In the Times of Corona – Uncanny thoughts, Caught off guard

Published: Mar 17th, 2020 04:01 pmBy Dilip Kumar Sharma

Dear All, Another write up on Corona Outbreak is understandably adding to the conundrum yet, i couldn’t refrain myself from sharing my point on the entire Circus that surrounds the outbreak of Corona. There are a few interesting vocations that have greatly benefited from the whole problem and I would like to list a few of them for the benefit of all and I invite your views on the same.

1. Health Workers – Have suddenly gained the prominence and respect that they certainly deserve. Just that people at large have realized their importance to the society at large NOW.

2. Cleanliness Teams; I prefer to use the term as against “safaiwalahs” or the Municipal scavengers and all those who come under the gamut of maintaining hygiene in a city. Thanklessly we have been disregardful of all the work that they do (day in and day out). We realize their importance today.

3. The Home=makers and their endless or should I say selfless service is there for all those who now are working from home to see. The regard for their contribution in making each one’s life comfortable is definitely there for all to see and realize. For working couples the domestic help and the value they bring to their lives too is evident

4. The Teachers- They are all still toiling and striving to get the term ended and all necessary closures don, processes adherence taken care of and most important no student is affected. Thanks to them and thanks to Corona for keeping Off them. Parents now realize in the absence of DAY CARE what is it like to provide care to their own wards.

5. Bankers- Still counting money and trying to make money count despite the double whammy dealt on the finance industry.

6. Vendors – those everyday needs like Milk, Grocery, vegetables at large apart from your online purchases, what with the newpapers and the list can go on.

7. Media Reporters – Not withstanding the challenges and without getting into quality and reporting practices- updates being provided and appearing just as bright and ready to go as ever- No Corona Fear there.

………And then we have a lot of politicians and the elite, the entitled lot and the privileged society who is in the most shock and awe of the whole POGROM. I only pray all of us continue with the good habits enforced, the knowledge of all the good being done for us gained leads us to be better human beings. With that achieved No Vius can do any big or longtime harm to the human race,

So, thanks to corona a few lessons learnt, many more in the events of life around us. Just let us look at people as “You” and “I” put together and as not just “They and “We” separately. After all “It’s All About People”
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