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The Opening Shot - 001

Published: Jun 27th, 2021 03:05 pmBy Dilip Kumar Sharma

Training or Learning & OD is by far the first point of contact for any new joining employee in a company albeit after the HR handholding if any that happens in this fast paced world. The influence and the impression that sets upon the employee then has a great impact on the expectations that one begins to build for oneself going forward. Thereby, a great attention needs to be paid to make that first interaction as mutually beneficial as possible.

So, what forms the first interaction and what goes into the content to make the experience a lasting experience and preparing the new employee for the role ahead is just as important as the manner in which it is delivered. Not to mention the people employed in the process of delivery. An Employee induction with a genuine effort on behalf of the organization to extend warmth enough to instill a belief of support and togetherness in a journey of excellence should be a matter of rigor and routine to establish a "Connect" that lasts. This can be done through many little steps that can be taken by the various stakeholders through sharing the processes but more importantly through gestures that demonstrate proven means of attaining individual and organizational glory while the pitfalls and possible mistakes are highlighted in equal measure.

There is then an express need to assure the individual and ensure the organizational values are not just imparted but are also upheld through examples and case studies. It is thus extremely important that the delivery of these sessions is done by the masters of the craft of facilitation along with high level of commitment towards handholding for success. Fleeting moments of interaction in person or virtually by the chiefs of the organization can add that special dash of flavor to the entire experience.

Every individual joins with a "wish" to excel and therefore should always be treated with the same air of expectations and expectation building while being rooted close to to reality as much as can be. Let the reception be just as the rooming would be. It is then that there are no lingering doubts or second thoughts occur in the minds of the new employee. It is then a job well done in setting up the employee on the path to achievement that one always wishes for. While this does not "guarantee" the expectations to be always met, at least the Organization would have done its best.

Put your best foot forward and lay it bare - Expect the same and in all probability you get it too. If not, you still would have a reputation of being the best that one would like to join. This is always true once the HR has done its due diligence before the joining in most cases.

That's it for the Opening shot.... more to follow.....

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