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Published: Apr 23rd, 2021 01:39 pmBy Dr.Neeta Gulati
Participants speak for Dr Neeta's sessions on Data Analyses, Visualization and Regression
Kanika BalaniMa'am, Your interventions have been very useful. I have personally always benefitted from your way of teaching and your interventions, including the ones you made during Dhruvak's presentation yesterday.
Kanika Balani and I loved the class on visualization. Forgot to mention that.
Anamika GulaniClasses taken have been very useful - starts from basics and then builds upon the subject, which helps a lot style of teaching is also very good
Dhruva AggarwalThe resources you have shared have helped us start on EDA, especially the titanic EDA notebook. Usually, we have to hit and learn to build up the basics in that way. And I agree with Kanika, yesterday your ideas and handholding were helpful.
Bharat Sharma: Dr Neeta, I appreciate your effort to learn aspects around visualisation and experiment with EDA. You have been proactive since Day 1 in helping the cohort learn as much as possible.
Dhruva Aggarwal Also, the plot we've seen so far have been helpful, although I do think we need to better understand their application and usefulness in understanding data
Bharat Sharma: Your intervention during Dhruva's session also helped in getting clarity on a few commands.
Kanika Balani Archana's comment: The sessions have been helpful and in detail. Your sessions are engaging, useful and you encourage each student to participate in the class

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