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ITND Data Science Course Participants speak-Success Story of Online Data Science ,ML with python

Published: Oct 28th, 2020 12:26 pmBy Dr.Neeta Gulati

·       The course on Data Science, ML is extremely beneficial to the new entrants to the field. Intellectually stimulating faculty and interactive sessions add more vigor and rigor. The journey towards data science was more promising resulting in an excellent team performance.


This is an incredible online course that made my journey in learning a technical course and making: me confident about Data Science and Machine Learning My inquisitive to know what DS and ML was and How to apply it to my area (ie) Zoology Completely no-technical Subject has driven me. To take up this course accidentally during 'Lock down This course exceeded my expectations To my Surprise the Course was so interesting that whole of my leisure, I spent reading and exploring much about it. This was due to the promising, extremely professional instructor Dr. V. Ramana

He is an  outstanding , excellent with immense knowledge, easily approachable, friendly faculty committed, motivating and  encouraging faculty providing a scope for exploring more with Continuous discussions and presentations He made the entire curriculum so lucid which made it palatable, easy to understand with real life examples making it more enjoyable & Informative.

This course has both depth, breath for the beginners and Career oriented learning to skim through or to plunge into it ,it's  well planned , engaging and challenging Yet rewarding course

Self-assessment, one to one approach, discussions, Presentations, making everyone comfortable and the getting everyone onto the same pace was the highlight of this course

I am glad that I enrolled in this course it is a wonderful and amazing experience this course provided me with a glimpse into the world of data science and truly and an eye opener for several faculty like me

A special thanks to course director Dr Neeta Gulati for organizing this program and reaching us

I would recommend joining this course to the people who are aspiring in their career and for the beginners

It's not just a certificate course but a value-added certificate course



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