The weekend parenting sessions, helped me to correct the things in positive manner, so that a positive and healthy environment is created for the kids to grow up. Because its our frustrations, that are shown / reflected in the child's actions. So how we n

Deepthi Shah

“After attending Girish’s parenting class, I felt as if I found a new me, became a better parent and a better person. I started connecting with my kid as I started understanding the reasons behind a certain behavior. Girish goes above and beyond to work w

Sajan Krishnankutty

The weekend parenting workshop sounds way too simple and like “I know this all” approach will quickly change in the first 20 minutes when we are blank with no answers to certain scenarios which actually happens in real life. That’s the moment of enlighten

Prasanna Srinivasan

It was a good learning on growing children with perfect balance on emotional issues and when to say 'No'. Also, How to differentiate 'Need and Want'. Need to practice certain learnings continuously dealing with children. All the best for your efforts to

Radhika Shenoy

One of the wonderful programs that I attended. Learnt a great deal how to tackle tantrums of kids, how to make kids open up and speak, when to praise and appreciate them, how to ignore their behavior, how to connect with them, how should we priortise

Sandeep CK

"Hi All, I am Sandeep CK. I had attended Mr. Girish Panikar's Simple parenting session few days back. It was one of our best decisions that we had taken. Me and my wife always wanted to be good parents like anyother of you. There are so many things that w

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