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Inner Child Healing introductory workshop

Training Details

Location : Online
Date : 26 Aug 2020
Time : 06:00 PM - 11:00 AM

About The Event

Our inner child is our true being, that aspect of our personality each one of us has irrespective of which gender our physical body belongs to. When it is ignored, neglected, suppressed and not nourished, we feel a vacuum within ourselves, kind of a big black hole which is never satisfied no matter how much we add to it. When was the last time you spoke to YOUR Inner Child, the person You Really are inside? Dates: Aug 26th-30th (evening start on 26th) Platform: Whatsapp & Live Online Webinar too Language: English Energy Exchange: INR 72 only, on Paytm or Google Pay on 9818185513, connect on Whatsapp on 9818103155 with Himanshi Timing: Lessons will be shared between 6-7.30pm daily, Group discussions take place after lesson is shared for the day. The participants are open to ask questions, get clarity, share experiences throughout the day. The facilitator replies as per her and everyone's convenience. It is easy to dismiss the very need for healing one’s inner child, for most of us assume we are sorted most of the time. BUT IS IT THE TRUTH? Find it out for yourself. Some of the symptoms of Wounded Inner Child are : - Are you a people-pleaser? - Are you a hoarder who has trouble letting go of anything? - Are you addicted to substances? - Do you continually criticise yourself? - Are you driven to be a super-achiever? - Are you depressed a lot of the time? - Are you confused about your sexual identity? - Do you have trouble starting or finishing things? - Are you a perfectionist? As many times you said a yes, its the wound of your Inner Child which needs to be worked on and healed for living a JOYOUS LIFE.??

Key Benefits

  • Get a better understand of ourself, the why and how of what we do
  • Let go of past wounds, suppressed emotions and grudges
  • Make a better connection with self and others

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