Introducing the 1st ever Fully automated Marketing and Job-seeking solution for Freelance Trainers

Let's start with the Trainer's Dilemma

Have you ever wondered,

How there is enough training requirements floating in the market, and yet none come searching for you?

Well, Let us tell you a secret.

The Corporate or the HR's looking for the trainers feel exactly the same. They see their competitors getting the right choice of trainers in right time, but they are unable to reach you!

This is the biggest Puzzle the Training industry has been grappling with all through out.

Our 3-Step Solution

Step 1

Launch your Trainer-Portfolio Website

Once you become a premium member, you create your profile and our technology will turn it in to a Beautiful state-of-the-Art Trainer Portfolio Website, Instantaneously!. Without needing any technical support or worrying about content creation or management. It's a fact that 99% of people who start their own website stops maintaining it due to the sheer technical illiteracy and cost of maintaining and marketing it. With us, Your cost of building website is Zero, Cost of Content Management is Zero. Cost if Digital Marketing is Zero. You pay only for the hosting charges to help us maintain the website spick and span!

Step 2

Get Superfast Digital Presence

An average time for a website to get ranked on google is nothing less than 6 months! And to stay on you need to continuously work on your SEO and content and that calls in for a huge regular investment We don’t stop by just giving you the website. We go one step ahead to make it work. Our technical team has worked out a futuristic algorithm that will in all likeliness rank your website on 1st page of Google, right from Day 1 of your website launch.

Step 3

Connect with Market Requirements!

In this step, we help your profile to be available for the Corporate all the time to search for, even while you are sleeping. So don’t be surprised if you get a call in the middle of the night for a Training assignment. Keep you bags ready!

All of the above in just a day

How it Works?

It’s a 100% Money back Guaranteed Product

Our Promise – We will get your trainer profile listed on 1st Page of Google with in a week. Our algorithm does it automated. If not, we pay for your subscription until you get the result!

  • Step 1 – Choose an appropriate package from below check out page

  • Step 2 – Get your Digital Dashboard access and start your digital profiling (about 45 Min)

  • Step 3 – Once completed, your profile strength will be displayed

  • Step 4 - Based on the completion percentage, your Digital Website access will be unlocked

  • Step 4 – Share your new Trainer Portfolio Website link in your social media pages instantly! And start your digital visibility

  • Step 5 – Go to google and search for your name. Don’t be surprised if you see your trainer profile is listed on the page 1 of google search right at the beginning.

  • Step 6 – After. Week, do the search for your name again. If your name doesn’t appear on page 1 or 2 of Google, send us a mail and we will enable auto payment for you where in the system will pay for itself until you are ranked for your name comes on page 1.

Meet A few of our Successful Trainers

They have made it to the Elite league of Digitally-Upgraded Trainers

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Our Guarantee!

We Promise you 2 things today

You will save tons of Money
You will get Instant Result

The HARD WAY – What you end up spending if you try to achieve your training market presence on your own


Typical One time cost

Typical Recurring cost

A Dynamic Website Development

Rs 40,000/-Rs 1000/Month

Content Creation and maintenance

- Rs 3000/Month


- Rs 2000/ Month

Digital Marketing

- Rs 20000/Month


Rs 40,000/-Rs 26,000/Month
You spends a lot of money + days you loss being behind the programmer, SEO experts, Marketeer and Content writer

Our System has automated the work of 4 money guzzling services


Payment to

  • A Programmer
  • SEO Expert
  • Digital Marketeer
  • Content Writer
The Tiring days and weeks that you spend on creating and maintaining your digital presence with their help

Thus with us, You SAVE

An Upfront cost of Rs 40,000


Rs 26,000 every single month

What if you get all of these for a nominal charge per month?

So, If you are one Such Trainer who is ready to launch or already launched and you just need the right partner to create the desired outcome, Go for this below option...

Gold Membership
Portfolio Management Tool
Fully Automated | Real time | Zero coding knowledge | Life time validity | Dynamically updated

Testimonial Listing
The most powerful social proofing is your clients testimonials. Show it!

25 Testimonials

Events Posting
Build credibility | Maintain social proof | Connect with market | Get participants

25 Events

Blog Publishing
Look Professional | Get recognized | Be distinguished | Remain Authentic

25 Blogs

Social Media Connects
Share your portfolio, latest events, blogs and testimonials with your social media links


You are just about to unlock your free Trial

Once you are in,

1. Complete your Trainer profile

2. Update your credentials

3. Post your Training Events (Past & Upcoming)

4. Publish atleast 5 Blogs

5. Upload atleast 5 Testimonials