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Welcome to Scooppin! - World’s first solution which creates a primary market reach for Trainers.

In technical term, we call it an on-demand & managed technology market place for the Training industry.

Trainers - The Knowledge Carriers

Our researches, time and again have been stressing the need to improve the credibility in the industry. In fact, it turns out to be the most critical aspects of the industry where the corporates don’t have a mechanism to map the credibility of the trainers except to look at his 2-pager Resume.

We at Scooppin, do not believe that Trainers are job seekers. We much rather consider our beloved trainers as Knowledge Givers. They carry knowledge and form an integral part of the Knowledge industry of the world.

Understanding the importance of a credible profiling system for Trainers, we are on our mission to create one and use that facility to create the much needed primary market reach (Direct corporate reach).

Currently, there is no system which maps the corporate training requirement to the individual trainer directly. The Large and Medium-sized corporates which primarily have a budget and spends on Training also face policy constraints to make a direct empanelment with Trainers.

Most of the Corporates where we have done our study on the training efficiency feel that their market connect is inadequate and have huge scope for a solution if put in place. India opened up its economy to worlds in the early 90’s last century. While every other industry has flourished ever since then, the Training Industry in India is still on grounded stage. The industry has been long awaiting a solution that helps it to connect the Demand and Supply in its most efficient way.

What is Scooppin?

‘Scoop’ means something hidden. In our case, it represents the inadequate market connect between the corporate and the Trainer community. The hidden matter here is the very knowledge, which could be seamlessly transferred from the Trainers to the demand side if we had better systems in place. Currently, the system runs on best ‘available resource’. Not on the best resource.

SCOOPPIN is first of its kind Technology solution which created primary market reach for Trainers through a credible & open Training market place.

Here, we are developing an on-demand managed market place supported by our proprietary enterprise solution and mobile app, where; the Corporates can put up their requirements REAL TIME and The System will tag it appropriately with the right trainers LIVE, INSTANT and through a transparent bidding process. The system helps the trainers to reach to the market directly. It thus accelerates the speed at which the requirements are closed and increases the number of training to happen across the country and business generated in that space at large.

Research says...

KEN Research 2012 (The largest and most exhaustive research done on Indian Training Industry) says that India is poised to the worlds 3rd largest economy in a decade.

Out of the total skilled workforce in India, only 6 percent are trained. The government has a need to skill 12 million workforces every month, but current capability allows only 3 million training (only about 25% training facility!).

Similarly, India’s Training Industry potential market is 32 Billion projected for 2030. Of which, just about 2-Billion-dollars market is tapped. Not because of the lack of trainers, but due to the lacking connect with the market.

Through our own research, We found, 60 percent Trainers do not have enough job in hand. 77 percent corporates find it difficult to reach to right trainers. The current solutions available are Structurally and Technologically constrained to solve this supply-demand gap.

Current Status

The 30 Billion dollars potential market is out there un-utilized by anyone and hence we decided to ride on this white space.

As per Ken research 2012, the potential of the Indian Training market is pegged at 32 Billion-Dollars. Some unofficial estimates say it is currently pegged at just about 2 Billion-Dollars.

The sheer gap between the potential and actual figures is just astonishing and that is where we started out research on the WHYs of the scenario.

After 2 years of research, spending thousands of hours with the Training community including Trainers and Corporate L&D; we are presenting Scooppin to all of you.


The Training industry runs on one major emotional factor – CREDIBILITY of Trainers! By simulating the emotional needs of the current system (credibility and trust) using technology, we are paving way for a smooth transition from current manual trainer mapping process to a fully automated Business networking and deal-making process which is LIVE & INSTANT.

This is a fundamental change and opens up a sophisticated market place for Indian Training industry.

We are currently focusing our solution for the Indian subcontinent and will spread our service to the rest of the world in time to come.

We welcome our beloved fellow Trainers to join us & make use of the profiling tool to create a presentable Trainer profile. Use it to evangelize yourself. Make it a part of your identity.

Today onwards, we do not want you to share your 2-pager resume any more; instead, we want you to spread an inspiring story about how many lives you have touched by imparting knowledge.

In Service,

Raghesh G Menon

Founder - Scooppin

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60% Trainers do not have enough job in hand.

77% Corporates find it difficult to reach to the right Trainers.

Not because of lack of Trainers. But, for the lack of connect in the market.


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60% Trainers do not have enough job in hand.

77% Corporates find it difficult to reach to the right Trainers.

Not because of lack of Trainers. But, for the lack of connect in the market.