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Online Certification in Anxiety Counselling

Training Details

Location : Online
Date : 07 Dec 2020
Time : 10:30 AM - 05:30 PM

About The Event

The COVID19 pandemic has resulted in creating not just the obvious problems related to physical health but it has triggered various many mental health issues and exaggerated existing ones. We are probably just starting to scratch the surface of the real extent of impact this pandemic will have in the long run. It is extremely important for mental health practitioners to be prepared for the large inflow of clients that may need help in coming months and maybe even years. The techniques covered during this course have been applied successfully with more than 500 clients via online counselling both in 1 to 1 sessions and group sessions during the time of the lockdown itself. Mental health practitioner who are looking for effective yet structured approach to work with different causes leading to anxiety would find this course extremely useful. We have intentionally kept the theory limited to only the extent necessary to work with clients via the medium of online counselling and the focus of the program is more on various practical applications.

Key Benefits

  • A framework to build the session from scratch, proceed in a step by step format and end it well.
  • Efficient ways of accessing the different causes that lead to anxiety
  • Specific strategies from NLP & CBT to help clients overcome anxiety triggered by repetitive thought patterns

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