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Published: May 10th, 2019 10:15 amBy Raghesh G Menon

2017 June 4th - When it all started.. 

It all started with my blog 2 years back - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/indian-training-industry-sneak-peek-raghesh-menon/

There was no looking back. From an idea 2 years back, today, we are a full-fledged venture.

2019 March 1st - The much-anticipated Launch. Happened!

On March 1st, 2019, we did our worldwide launch of 1st ever on-demand & managed market place for the Training Industry - www.scooppin.com. We have pioneered the space!

Here, we create much needed Primary-market-connect between Trainers and Corporates

As our platform is an enterprise SAAS solution, the Corporate will be able to put up your training requirements live. Our system will then map the requirements with appropriate trainers in near real-time mode and avail the profile of the most appropriate set of trainers on to the Corporate desk. 

Our service is special because all the corporate requirements and Trainer applications go through a quality check before it is passed on to each other.

Trainer's Pride

One factor of our mission is to help Trainers to Profile, Position, Connect Collaborate and make business with Corporate directly.

By default, when the Trainer is not representing himself in person with the Corporate, his Resume has to speak volume about him. So, its all the more important that the decision maker has a relevant profile which is updated to the minute. How is this possible if he holds a Trainer profile which was sent to him 1 or 2 months back?

This is where Scooppin Smart-profile relevance comes in to picture. At Scooppin, once a link is created to the profile of a Trainer, it stays for life long! That means, the Trainer just need to keep updating his profile at one place and the link will always show his latest updates making him ever-ready! Now, this is what we call a smart-profile.

A Sample of our Trainer-Smart-Profile is given below

Life Coach Harish Walavalkar, Mumbai http://www.scooppin.com/p/s/WQsYus/Tm8wdGZSMllTbjJVenNkUWlGVkQrZz0

POSH Enabler Trainer Advocate Deepa Raffeeque, Bangalore http://www.scooppin.com/p/s/WQsYus/aGRZVkFCMEUzd05xOWxVMWphZ2k2QT

How does it work?

For any TRAINER who reads this,

1) Log on to www.scooppin.com. 2) Register 3) Create Smart-profile. 4) Share with business circle 5) Share with us to https://www.facebook.com/scooppin.

For a CORPORATE who reads this,

1) Log on to www.scooppin.com 2)Register as Corporate 3)Post your requirements 4) Requirement Quality check 5) Posting to Trainers 6)Receive application 7)Trainer profile quality check 8) Post-filtered quality profiles back to Corporate 9) Interview & Intake

There is... No Membership Fee! No Joining Fee! No Subscription Fee!

We exist to make a difference in the Training Industry. We start with the basics. We enhance the market connect - Quantitatively and Qualitatively.

Let us start with the basics. Lets first let the world know that we exist. Create your profile. Be found!

Connect us live...
Phone: 8880001100
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.scooppin.com/home/ceo_message
LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/company/scooppin™
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scooppin/

Good day! Good luck!

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