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Corona Virus and its impact on Trainers

Published: Mar 16th, 2020 09:31 amBy Raghesh G Menon

Some times, you write an article not with at most spirit. This is one such situation where I am writing more to pep up the Training fraternity in an unusual situation that we are in...

On this day of 15th March 2020, when the world has already reported a total of 150 thousand Coronavirus infections... Like all other industries, the Training industry has also taken a hit..

The hotels are closed. Gatherings restricted. Events postponed and effectively Trainers requested to take a break!

I talk to as many trainers as possible every day. I feel a sense of discouragement and anxiety among trainers on what could be in store for them during and after these uncertain times of Corona Virus... Many asked me how the current economy will impact the Training Industry..

Let me state a fact that any system will go through a natural correction and we are bound to traverse through that cycle.

When a correction happens, that's the time to settle at the bottom to reconstruct the training skills, rejuvenate and resurface.. Use this time to going back to the library, upskilling ourselves, restructure our offerings and redefining our target market ...

So let's not worry too much if god forbid coming months we have less work. Use this time to upskill and move up the value chain in the industry... 

Do anything to reposition in the market. Don't waste time.... Remember, when the air clears, the trainer who prepared in dust will emerge job ready! Keep learning.. Keep teaching....

Good Luck Trainers!

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