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Unleash The Power Of Silence @ Work Place!

Published: Jul 2nd, 2020 09:18 pmBy Rajiv Krishnan

Unleash The Power Of Silence @ Work

Published by Rajiv Krishnan Pisharoti

In the year 2010 a group of marketing experts had gathered in a hotel in Helsinki, with the modest goal of making a remote and medium-sized country a world-famous tourist destination. The problem was that Finland was known as a rather quiet country, and since 2008, the Country Brand Delegation had been looking for a national brand that could entice more global visitors visit this country.

The experts went through the various strengths of this nation. This was a country with exceptional natural beauty, an abundance of wild berries and mushrooms, and a vibrant cultural capital amongst many other things. These things however fell a bit short of a compelling national identity. Someone jokingly suggested that nudity could be named a national theme—it would emphasize the honesty of Finns. Someone, less jokingly, proposed that perhaps ‘quiet’ wasn’t such a bad thing. That got them thinking.

A few months later, the delegation issued a slick “Country Brand Report.” It highlighted a host of marketable themes, including Finland’s renowned educational system and school of functional design. One key theme was brand new: silence. As the report explained, modern society often seems intolerably loud and busy. “Silence is a resource,” it said. It could be marketed just like clean water or wild mushrooms. “In the future, people will be prepared to pay for the experience of silence.”

People already do. In a loud world, silence sells. Noise-canceling headphones retail for hundreds of dollars; the cost of some weeklong silent meditation courses can run into the thousands. Finland saw that it was possible to quite literally make something out of nothing. 

In 2011, the Finnish Tourist Board released a series of photographs of lone figures in the wilderness, with the caption “Silence, Please.” And a Finnish watch company, Rönkkö, launched its own new slogan: “Handmade in Finnish silence.”

Thus this country, became perhaps the first globally, to recognize ‘Silence’ as a national resource. Even went on to monetize same. 

All this does speak something of Power Of Silence – isn’t it?

However at individual level, importance accorded to accumulate, power of silence in self, is not seen much.  Choosing to observe few moments of silence, as a deliberate practice in daily life, is even rarer .  Though almost all acknowledge - Silence is golden. 

 The words of Author Alison McGhee sums up best.

You are most powerful when you are most silent. People never expect silence. They expect words, motion, defense, offense, back and forth. They expect to leap into the fray. They are ready, fists up, words hanging leaping from their mouths. Silence? No.

                                                                         ~Alison McGhee -Author

If one takes a look at work places, the scenario is also not much different. The world is getting louder, much louder infact, and it seems workplaces are not expected to be immune. Employees mostly get to work in such loud environment only.  Moreover with all employees connected to digital world, the brains are also constantly processing enormous amounts of information. Which means even more less time to switch off. 

Demands at work places however are mostly same every where.  Higher productivity, being creative, being innovative, being non stressed, healthy and highly energetic – always.  

Meeting the demands at workplace and personal demands for wellbeing is always challenging. This is only going to grow in days to come. 

While external factors are not in control, there is a doable practice which can surely help.  Choosing to spend a few moments of time in silence daily is a simple yet powerful method. 

The question that is normally asked is – Isn’t this meditation? The answer is not necessarily. Neither is this spirituality nor religiousness. Choosing to remain silent deliberately is just that and nothing more. For eg. you may employ any of the below methods to do so.

       Finding a quiet corner at home that you can cultivate as your “sanctuary” – A place where you may read or write in peace, without intrusions.

       Sipping your morning coffee looking outside instead of in front of a television. 

       Going for a walk alone – daily 

       Speaking less. Speaking only when needed.

       Taking 5 quiet minutes before rising each morning to clear your mind and to listen to your breath. 

       Turning the radio off while you’re driving. Giving the act of driving your full attention. You will be surprised by what you notice around you! 

       Pausing and taking a few seconds to organize your thoughts before rambling onto the next speech. 

       Sitting in deliberate silence for just 10-15 minutes every day. Paying attention to your breathing. Increase this time as you nurture your practice. 

       Going on a hike. Allowing yourself to get lost in the spirit and the sounds of Mother Earth. 

       Enjoying a silent evening. Disconnected from the laptop and cell phone. 

       Making room for quiet contemplation or prayer. Intentionally erasing the mind of the past and of the future. 

       Siting in silence for 3-5 minutes before sleeping. 

The list can be endless. However which ever method you may employ, do accumulate power of silence in self. Even if you are working from home!


Rajiv Krishnan Pisharoti is an HR professional of more than two decades. He can be contacted at [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]

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