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Know Your Worth, Never Settle for Less Than You Deserve

Published: Dec 31st, 2020 09:32 amBy Sreeveni V

It was year April 2017, I was admitted in the hospital with severe pain in the lower abdomen towards the right side, suspecting it to be appendicitis. As I was diagnosed, it wasn’t appendicitis though, but some other ailment which doctors were addressing and I was being treated.


The stay at the hospital gave a pause to my mechanical life, of always attending to the needs of the family, near & dear…. after taking a sabbatical from my career. I had everything a woman wanted, a family, an affordable life……yet I wasn’t happy. I realized, I became stagnant at home.


Having faced life's ups and downs......pulling together myself........slightly shifting lines in my choosing accordingly to my family life / breaks becoming mom..........working initially full time...then part-time....later flexi-time......nothing worked. Took a sabbatical from career… life reel was running through.


This dissatisfaction was due to constantly settling for less than what I wanted. Frequently making excuses for othersmistreatment of me? Rationalizing the poor behaviour of others..taking them as a priority. The people I am close to didnt / couldnt hear me, I was seeking approvals and validation from others..


What was happening to me? Was I the same person who touched hundreds of students lives teaching Physics, and managing 300+ staff in an organization, in my earlier days of career? Am I the same person whom people modelled and got inspired? Why am I confined within my small family, when I can contribute to a larger extent for the betterment of the Society.


It dawned upon me that I wasnt living my life. I was actually living by other's standards and completely neglected myself. A huge part of settling is being a yes person. If you agree to things you dont really want, you are building a life that doesnt reflect your own needs and identity.



Thats when I decided to get my Life back ..the previous Authentic, Dynamic and Versatile myself……



These are the 3 things I did to come out of it :


1. To Value myself and pay attention to my needs.

2. I dont need to agree with what I dont want to.

3. Allow people to know who I am and respect my time.


This I am practising as of now. Hence, I restarted my 2nd career as a Trainer as an  Image Specialist. Coaching, Mentoring and Facilitating with my acquired Skills.


Thereby enabling people to enhance their True Potential to become Powerful and Unstoppable. To steer people to be able to Project their BEST FIRST IMPRESSION.


This is how I started giving back to the society as a Self-worth Influencer, improved my relationships, my financial status as well. And now, am leading a Life of happiness and bliss. I am more at peace and my Life has improved in all spheres 360degrees.




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