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Fighting My Way Up!

Published: Jun 10th, 2021 01:01 pmBy Sreeveni V

'Fighting my way up'

In one of the series of 'Can, I have it all? - Fighting Internal Barriers to climb the Corporate Ladder',

Conducted by IRON LADY organization in the last month,  where I could share my experiences with a fantastic eager crowd of Yukti Team.

I am thankful and grateful for this opportunity. 

- How many of us feel it's not the right time to start. Here, it is!

- It's never too late to start. Challenge yourself and never buy excuses.

-Become aware of 

- What gets you an entry.

- What sustains you

- What helps you scale up the ladder.

How to do this?

- Make powerful requests and practice 'Art of Deception

- Be unpredictable and become indispensable

- Don't be emotional, yet be empathetic.

- Exercise your brain to respond/react to situations by role play in the mind.

- Explore all the possibilities and execute.

It is totally our responsibility to become aware of where we are and to scale up.

Nothing in this World is offered on a platter for free.

You need to work it out and earn it by yourself.

Get Updated!

Get Upskilled!

Get Upgraded!


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