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Sujitha Sanil is a Public Speaking Coach and Educator.

She is the founder of Bighub, specializing in coaching, counselling and training effectively since 2017.

She is also the Director of Complete Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd which is a consultancy company.

She has travelled widely to many countries for about 17 years. She started her career as a Teacher in Alfa International School, UAE, and has been an educator for more than 15 years. Having lived abroad and a passionate teacher at heart, for her success means seeing a smile on every person’s face she has interacted with.

“Being with students and understanding their fear of speaking in public took me to my childhood days and made me realize that the fear of public speaking was all in my head. More than the audience or the topic or any other external factors it was more of my own fear that made me nervous. Even though at that point it was very scary, now when I look back I think there was nothing to be scared or fearful about.

This led me to take an initiative to make a change in anyone’s life who is struggling to speak confidently. And this is how I became a Public Speaking Coach, based on my own journey and experience”.

As a teacher she had the opportunity to study the education system very closely across various countries and learnt a lot about psychology during the training sessions.

Her forte is mainly coaching in effective speaking, educational guidance, career guidance and soft skills training. Her excellence is in transforming individuals leading them to a path of success.


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Training Specializations

My Skills

Sujitha's Experience


Training Experience

  • for Jain University in the Year 2018
Communication Skills
  • for RV College of Engineering in the Year 2018
Team Building
  • for BMSIT in the Year 2019
Communication Skills
  • for ATRIA Institute of Technology in the Year 2019
Career Counseling & Smart Parenting
  • for Urban Gurukul Charitable Trust in the Year 2017
Career Counseling & Smart Parenting
  • for NS Kumbar Art in the Year 2017
English Communication
  • for MLA College in the Year 2020

Work Experience

Alpha International School
  • -
Complete Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • -
  • -


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