Amit Siddhartha

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About Amit

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I am CEO and Co-Founder at Metapercept Technology Services (LLP). I have worked with various organizations as a Consulting Documentation Manager, Information Architect, XSLT Specialist, DITA Implementation SME, Content Strategists, and UI/UX Consultant.


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Training Specializations

My Skills

Amit's Experience

Training Experience

  • for Infosys in the Year 2019
Information architecture and SEO
  • for Avaya in the Year 2020
API DOcumentation
  • for Amdocs in the Year 2020
Customized Adobe FrameMaker with easyDITA CMS
  • for Mail Weir in the Year 2020

Work Experience

  • May-2008 - Jun-2010
  • Aug-2010 - Apr-2020
Citech Information India Pvt Ltd
  • Dec-2007 - Apr-2020
HCL technologies
  • Jun-2005 - Jun-2008
Metapercept Technology Services LLP
  • Dec-2009 - Currently Working Here


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