Sales a rewarding solution

Published: Oct 10th, 2020 09:21 amBy AMIT YALGI

We have been very apprehensive in selecting sales as a career. The reason being facing challenges, rejection, target pressure to name a few. 

            We have been hearing the sales personal saying, I could not do any sales for the day. I would really want to know if it is possible. You can also ask yourself this question ?  Is sales really that tough that I do not opt for it.

I am of the opinion that sales happens. The sales person when he says that there was no sales, in reality there was a sale but it matters whose it was. One a given day and time there will be always two people involved in sales. Both of them will try to convince each other.

     I mean the salesperson and the customer. Now how do I say that the customer is also a salesperson.  The salesperson tries to sell a product or a service and make the customer buy it.  On the other hand the customer tries to sell the concept of not purchasing.  The sales happens in favour of the better of them.

       Now it's time for you to decide who was better. Whatever mat be the outcome but the sale did take place and also in the favour of the better. It's time for us to revamp ourselves and try to find out where we have lost . Just remember and recollect the salesmanship you used to initiate when you were a child and wanted some gift for your self. Get that child out of you and build on those skills. Over a period you would have not sharpen the skills and applied it. How well you applied all the skills and techniques to persuade your parents on different aspects of your wants.

   Do remember in the future the AI is gonna replace several jobs but will always face the challenge in the field of sales.  You cannot have homogeneous customer behaviour and so it's difficult to program human thinking in AI. If you are looking for a rewarding career sales is the best and apt solution. It also rewards you financially by creating your brand . The employers will realise and honor you, as you will be an income generating asset for them. This assurance will stay concrete on the attrition and you can get a job security even in private organisation. 

   This career also provide you to meet different people , understand them and travel different places. Which other job provides you all this . 

Sales is a rewarding career .

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Sales a rewarding solution October 10th, 2020 09:21 am

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