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A Meeting with The Outcome!

Published: Apr 16th, 2019 04:05 pmBy Deepthi Musley

Our struggles in life, are a result of what we consciously choose to ignore, overlook, & simplify, & make our unconscious mind develop a belief about something that is not holistic.

Our desired outcome generally suffers, as we remain unaware of these hazards.

 An outcome is the sum of the factors (efforts, sacrifices, commitment, & determination) of a person. These factors evolve in the journey to achieve the desired result.

 Ignoring, overlooking, & simplifying any criteria before you set out to achieve a goal, highlights lack of pre-preparedness.

 Productive efforts, Sacrifices that demand (scarcer or no relationship/mental/& physical stress), A commitment that is supported by those who matter to the person with a goal, are what which make a determined achiever.

 How to develop meaningful criteria, for the desired outcome?

Make sure to be clear

Let the tone of your approach resonate what you specifically want, & not what you don’t want. Consciously make an effort to challenge the thought which stops you from reaching your goal sooner. I want to own a sports car is clear & specific, as opposed to, I don’t like a sedan which resonates a negative tone.

 Start from the last

Imagine, as if you have achieved the goal. Experience the feelings associated with that achievement fill up your senses. Be the one who motivates you.

 Feel Compelled, not pressurized

A guilty feeling about something not done, not attended, according to the goal plan, on a given day is a sign that your goal is attractive & does not stress you.

 Check well, to be well

While it is essential to know what we want from our lives, it is equally important to check the scope of our Goal before we set out. In most cases, the anguish we inflict upon ourselves is due to the initial enthusiasm we bless ourselves with, ignoring our ecology, our environment, or the impact of our decision or goal on our relationships. Considering simple factors before you set out to achieve your goal, helps you plan for the contingencies & prepares you for next steps. Ignoring these factors may leave you devoid of the moral support & strength you need from your loved ones & will make you seem like a loser although you can win. Remember, healthy relationships pave a seamless path to achieving milestones

Create a blueprint

Making sure, that a goal is planned & tested, for no dependency on anyone, except the initiator is an achievement in itself. A goal within the initiator's control is always stable & progressive.

 Define the goal’s purpose

What, when, where, whom, & how the goal is going to effect, are significant facts about a goal which needs attention. I will communicate better, is a vague goal as opposed to, I will communicate to our stakeholders with facts & figures, the financial status of the business, starting from the fiscal year 2017-2018, is a well-defined goal.

 Know the Inside-Out

A robust way to achieve a goal is, understanding your strengths, & weaknesses (knowing yourself on the inside), & knowing the tools, techniques, training, & the resource to obtain all the required information about your goal (knowing the outside).

Will you know, when you have arrived?

Your desired outcome is dependent on the parameters set, to know when it gets realized. Make sure the required measures are taken by you to outline the same.

Get, Set, & Go. Be Led by clarity & say bye to ambiguity!

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A Meeting with The Outcome! April 16th, 2019 04:05 pm

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