3 Common Challenges Leaders Face which could reduce the Chances of Success

Published: Feb 26th, 2021 11:47 amBy MAHADEVAN MUDALIAR

There are many bumps on the path of leadership. Sometimes they’re roadblocks. Sometimes the bridge is out entirely. Some of the  Challenges Leaders face which could Reduce the Chances of Success are discussed below. These are challenges  but every challenge is an opportunity. It’s a chance to learn about yourself, improve your skills and strengthen the emotional intelligence that’s so critical to effective leadership.



It is commonly seen that Leaders are busy. There’s always too much to do and never enough to do it. There are distractions, emergencies and new opportunities that pulls a Leader to different directions. This is why one of the  leadership challenge you might face is having a tough time following through on the plans, ideas and strategies you put in place. In fact, some studies suggest that more than 80% of strategic plans fail to meet expectations.


Individuals want to grow in their careers, and it’s the prime role of the leader to make sure they can. To give them the opportunities they need, push them, guide them inspire them and motivate them. This literally means identifying the strengths and recognizing potential. Setting a high bar for them to clear, at the same time confidently conveying to them that you know they can do it and giving them the direction and support to believe it. All of it takes time and commitment.
 Developing and mentoring employees is giving recognition to the employees.. Everyone wants to feel 
see, be heard and appreciated. As a Leader one needs to make sure people know that you appreciate them.

That means paying attention, listening actively and making a genuine effort to help your team value their own strengths, find fulfilment and grow toward their potential.



The more you spend your time and energy helping your team grow and develop their skills, the harder it can be to intentionally develop your own. At the risk of sounding a little anti-servant-leadership (we’re not, promise), you can’t only do for others and not take care of your own growth and development.
Actually, it’s related in a way to the challenge of avoiding burnout. Just as you want to make sure you’re filling your own well in terms of emotional rest and self-care, you want to make sure you’re able to provide for your own intellectual and professional well-being.

How do you overcome them? Can you?


Make a plan. Take action. That’s good advice. But sometimes there’s just too much to do. That’s where you need to take stock and set some priorities.
There’s a concept called the 
Pareto principle, or the 80/20 rule. It’s a principle that says 80% of the effects come from only 20% of the causes. It translates into leadership, too. As a leader, 80% of your impact comes from 20% of what you do.
Follow the Pareto principle. Don’t focus on just doing more. Focus on what you can do that will make the biggest impact.


Leaders are learners.
Great leaders know that leadership isn’t about arriving at a destination or achieving a position. Leadership is about influence and impact, which means it’s a journey that doesn’t end. The best leaders, the ones who are best able to overcome the leadership challenges that come their way, are the leaders who can adapt. They’re the leaders who never stop learning and always look for ways to improve themselves.
Great leaders are smart, humble, hungry to learn and do more . Great leaders have a mindset of continual growth. And when a growth-minded leader faces challenges, they can adapt, learn from them and come out on the other side even better equipped to tackle the next one.
It’s not a position that makes you a leader. It’s not authority.
Leadership is about impact—how you’re able to make rain in the lives of others. When that’s your starting point, you can create an environment where people are engaged. Where they care about each other, have real conversations and tackle challenges together.

“Leadership is a choice. It is not a rank.” —Simon Sinek

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