3 Reasons why you need a Coach

Published: May 1st, 2021 01:18 pmBy MAHADEVAN MUDALIAR

Bill GatesEveryone needs a coach.”


This is true and if you are serious about yourself and you have a plan to reach the next level in your career, profession or business you need a coach to help you and guide you to take you to the next level.

You may have some innate qualities or some specific skills in which you may be very good at but it is only an expert who can see what you are good at and this is where the role of a coach comes into play.

Coaches facilitate the development of personal or professional objectives. The coach do not provide you with the answers to a challenge or even tell you what to do.

Instead the coach acts as a facilitator to help you ask better questions and explore your own answers. They serve as a guide while you create a plan, define outcomes, and experiments to move your thinking forward.  

They will make you work so hard that you will be able to reach those heights of your potential which you yourself do not know. You will realise only when you ultimate cross the winning line  on the accomplishment of your goal to believe that you have done it.

3 Reasons why you need a Coach:


1.  To reach your highest potential. 


A good coach will help you identify your weaknesses and strengths, and help bring to the surface the best you. A coach makes you work so hard that the journey to reach your goal become seamless. He is the first person to give an open feedback on your weakness to make you work on it


2.  To reach you goals and dreams faster. 


A good coach has been where you are right now. He knows the road ahead and what it takes to get there. He will help you identify what to avoid, where to turn if you are lost, and what to do when you are running out of steam. In other words, a coach helps you to accelerate your success.


3.  To walk alongside you, and believe in you, motivate you toward success and challenge you when you may lose focus. 


There are times when we get discouraged and stuff gets in the way of our dreams. We then easily become side-tracked, lose focus and even give up on our dreams. A good coach always believes in you, motivates you and will speak the truth when you are not at your best.


There’s a scene from the movie Facing the Giants that has become very popular online. In the scene, the football coach pushes Brock, the team captain, further than Brock  would have ever pushed himself. The coach asks Brock to crawl on his hands and feet—without putting his knees down!—across a football field with one of his teammates on his back. But then the coach did something monumentally clever: he blindfolded Brock. Why? Because he didn’t want Brock to give up before he gave it his “very best.” Brock thought he could only make it to the 30-yard line; but with the coach’s encouragement—okay, yelling—Brock did “The Death Crawl” the entire length of a football field. This movie shows one of the most powerful and moving examples of the how a coach can take you to greater heights.

The Death Crawl scene from Facing the Giants - YouTube Link


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