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How To Get 2X More Turnout To Your Soft Skills Training Sessions

Published: Jun 9th, 2020 12:52 pmBy Priyanka Lenka

Remember when you tasted wine for the first time?

You sipped and said - "It tastes like… grapes.. No! Almost like fermented rice? Well I can’t exactly name it but it remind me of something!"

This happened because your brain tried to fit in the new set of neural map to the existing ones and tries to zero-in on the closest map possible.

Whether tasting wine, attending a training session, or for that matter, working on any new task; it initiates a new mental map which tries to fit in to your existing map. This can be positive as well as detrimental. If your past training session was not engaging enough, you might experience a dip in attendance. And on the contrary, if precedence has been set sky-high, you tend to witness a huge turnaround of participants the next sessions.

So, what exactly can you do to get your attendees to turn up for your sessions every time?

Five Tips To Ensure Maximum Attendance For Your Soft Skills Training Sessions

  1. Priority Mapping: Scheduling a training session in between holiday seasons, is not a great idea from employee’s perspective. This not only deter your audience this time but also might prevent them in future as well.

  2. Sticky Subject Lines: Well-chosen words will call for action and shall induce tickle to their neural maps! A short, succinct and relatable tag-line is all what you need. E.g. Training on Email Etiquette may be tagged as “Power Sessions on Powerful Mailings”

  3. What's In It For Me (WIIFM): Their brain (Very much like ours), do not like confusion. Famous saying- People reverts better to those who knows what they want. Therefore mention the training outcome in the invite itself.

  4. Visual Aids: Make your invites more visual and interactive. This will tickle their neurons for much longer duration and compel them to ask for more.

  5. The 'Human' Touch: As per Neuroscience, Human Relations weighs more than any transactional relations. Giving a buzz after the invite might attracts more participants.

All the best for your next session folks!


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