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WHO-recommended Life Skills, Perception and some Birbal wisdom

Published: Jul 22nd, 2020 06:14 pmBy Ratish Iyer

'When the going gets tough, the tough get going.'

Who better than hospitality professionals to exemplify this wisdom? Known for working hours together coping with physical and emotional stress, they have mastered the art of exuding genuine warmth and flash smiles even on days when an ordinary professional may feel like quitting and walk away with angst.

Last week, I was invited by my alma mater to present my insights and experiences before the esteemed faculty members and the charming students. I was asked to inspire the audience on how I have survived so many career transitions despite numerous challenges both personally and professionally. Thus, I came up with a presentation titled BIRBAL, THE LIFE COACH - a 2-hr session covering 10 activity-based stories of Birbal reflecting the 10 core life skills prescribed by the World Health Organization. With a dash of wisdom quotes from Bollywood and Hollywood, I also covered the topic of PERCEPTION.

Struck by the current fear of pandemic-driven recession in the hospitality field, the current lot of students are indeed facing a grim situation where opportunities are very limited in where they wish to thrive. And those industries that do have some scope, choices are either not motivating enough or rife with uncertainty. That is why I was roped in to explain from my experience the art of reinventing oneself, especially when crisis strikes!

As can be found in this report, the audience found delight in some of the following takeaways:

  1. The world is now moving from 'Jack of all trades and master of none' and the now obsolete 'only master of one' to 'MASTER OF ONE, BUT STILL JACK OF ALL TRADES.'
  2. The football gets tossed in different directions but the end GOAL is the same. (on career detours without forsaking your actual goal)
  3. Your network is your net worth. (importance of reaching out to senior professionals without hesitation)

I believe, a lot of questions from the students were answered in a way that they could now look to a future filled with possibilities if one musters the courage to do what it takes. I did receive some fabulous feedback as can be seen in the image. Some students even reached out to connect with me on LinkedIn. In the near future, I intend to take this transformation programme to a large audience especially, to every possible academia in India.

Dear readers, this experience of mine bears testimony to the significance of trainers, guides, coaches and mentors who are now playing a very important role in reviving the confidence of many ambitious minds who are only temporarily 'stuck'. This is also a clarion call to all veterans and novices in professions that have been worst affected by the current pandemic crisis - You will either act out of inspiration or out of desperation. What are you going to choose?

With best wishes

Ratish Iyer

Life Coach, Holistic Transformation Trainer & Consultant

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