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This New Year Gift yourself the “BEST YOU”

Published: Jan 1st, 2020 01:08 pmBy Roopa Naik

Self-Image- Is the picture of you in your mind

Do you know that self-image is a self-constructed picture of yourself in your mind?

 It contributes to all the positive or negative beliefs about yourself that you have imprinted into your conscious mind. More often the negative or not so confident picture of yours that you are holding onto, might be a much older version of you that you have outgrown and upgraded to be a much better and fantastic self. But the demons of past seldom go, we still believe in the old impression that we had subconsciously created about our self.

The comments that you have heard about yourself some time in your growing up years have had such deep-rooted impact on your personality that you started believing it to be real. A passing comment on you about being a shy child or fat, made by  a neighbor, teacher or any authoritative person in your life could have stuck in your mind and direct your thoughts towards stamping yourself wrongly.

This retrograde thought process highly impacts your confidence and the way you think and demonstrate yourself! I heard this from my mentor many times that ‘All inhibitions are self-imposed ‘which I realized are so very true. No one really has a microscopic view of our inner inhibitions but all notice the outcome of it and we are judged based on it.

So it is imperative that we grow out of our reserves and put to test our abilities and take the risk to be a better version of self. It is by far the best gift that you can give yourself and what better time to do it, if not for the New Year.

The easy way to do it is to start with something that you withheld yourself from doing, because of the fear of other people’s reactions. A simple start could be to start interacting with a new bunch of people to overcome shyness.

Let 2020 the most awaited year bring out of the best of you. It is time that you shine!!

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