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Published: May 13th, 2020 07:21 pmBy Ruchika Biswas



Namaste is the best suited gesture to greet and welcome your loved ones now and even after this pandemic is over. Social Distancing is the new cool.    

This pandemic has really given us a job. The job to think about what is going to happen to us in our future? Rather overthink. We have few questions always haunting us. Like what will happen when lockdown will end? How will my business, job and studies will go on? Am I capable enough to handle upcoming changes? What if I lose my job and the future of my business? What shall I do to handle the changes?

You know friends, the most important question among all is the last one. What shall I do to handle the changes? Let’s discuss this. I have tried to figure out the answer to the above-mentioned question. Few important steps that I think is important for combating the upcoming situation, I am sharing all of them.

Here we go-

·        Change is Permanent- The only thing permanent in this world is CHANGE. Our existence is proof that the world has changed enormously from the way it started. And our extinction from the planet would also mean the world has changed again. The pandemic has changed everything. The way we moved, socialized, worked, enjoyed, almost everything has changed. And this change is going to stay for a longer period of time than we have imagined. So, be prepared.

·        Accept and Adapt- Pandemic has done its job. It’s our turn to adjust to the change. Adapting the change is the only way out for us right now. We still want to ignore this fact. We are simply great in ignoring situations. We are sceptic when it comes to address or face any kind of change in our current living patterns. So, our first step is to accept the fact. The sooner we accept it, the better are the chances of our survival. Once you accept, start adapting to the changes it has brought. There will be numerous changes and we have to deal with it if, at all, we wish to survive. As soon as you accept and adapt, then start thinking about what’s next?

·        Create a Mindset and Identify the change- Acceptance and adaptability will come with a positive and open mindset. Firstly, determine that you want to modify yourself and adjust to the volatile environment (remember you don’t have any other option). Now think, what you can do to fit into this newer world? Like the schools have opted for online studies, offices have asked employees to work from home. Video conferencing and flexibility in working hours have become new mandates. The business has gone online. Think and identify the transformation of your work or study requires. Think, what changes your lifestyle requires to match with the current scenario? Every lock has a key. Find yours.

        Create a Roadmap- Once you have identified the change you have to make in your lifestyle, start putting efforts in that particular direction. Create a road map for yourself. Like, if you want to change the way you want to approach your customers, start searching the ways available. Do your research well before starting anything. Opt for the best-suited ones for yourself and your customers too. Do your best and prepare for the worst.

·        Go Online- Yes! Now it’s time to use the technology to its fullest. Till date, we have used internet facilities to watch movies, chat with friends, listen to songs, post pictures on social sites, etc. We have used technology to kill our time at its best. Now it’s time to actually utilise the potential it can create for us. The world is endless if we use technology properly. We can go global with new technology. So, remove the shackles of old attitude and join the new era of tech-savvy people.

·        Elevate and educate yourself- This pandemic and lockdown have given us an opportunity to elevate and educate ourselves. There are many courses available online to study and gain knowledge. Upgrade yourself, so when this lockdown ends and pandemic is over, you are ready to start on fifth gear. We have many a time thought of doing a course and having a certificate so we can have next promotion, and also add a few more valuable points in our resume to get our dream job. This is the best time to elevate to the next level by educating ourselves.

·        “New” is “Normal”- Life has always found a way to come above the surface. Our earth and the human race have survived the past. Till the time we have fought bravely and won all the battles of life. We have survived this “new” many a time earlier, we will do it again. Pandemic and lockdown will end someday, and we have to prepare ourselves for the coming days. Think, is there any way to come back to the normal life? And believe me, “NEW” is “NORMAL”.

·        Be patient and lenient to yourself- When we start with anything new, we sought for perfection. Don’t forget, when we have started walking, we got hurt many a time; we fell, we stood up and again started walking. Nothing is impossible. You just have to be a little patient and lenient to yourself. Give yourself a chance to fail. Give yourself a chance to try again. You are the best support system for your own self.

Now, to make you all understand the gist of the entire article I want to share a story of Lord Indra and Farmers. Once there was a village. The farmers of that village didn’t use to worship Lord Indra instead they worshipped Lord Shiva. Lord Indra felt disrespectful and wanted to prove that the rain on which the crops of farmers depends majorly are blessings of Lord Indra. So, one day, he appeared in front of farmers and said that because they do not worship him, he will not allow rain showers in their village for the next twelve years. The farmers were very sad and depressed. They cried and went to Lord Shiva for help. They asked Lord Shiva to play his damru so it rains due to its sound. But Lord Indra, somehow has already convinced Lord Shiva not to help farmers as they must understand the importance of rain for their crops and thus start worshipping him. Thus, Lord Shiva also refused to help the farmers.

Farmers were at the great shock and felt helpless. No rain means no crops for the next twelve years, by then they will die. They left the hope, no one was watering the plants, no one was ploughing the fields, no one was sowing the seeds, no one was taking care of their tools except only one, Bholu. He used to get up at his regular time, go to the field, plough the field, sow the seeds, water them, take care of equipment and animals. He followed his regular routine. Some villagers laughed at him, some said he has gone mad, some pitted him. One day his wife asked him- “why do you go to the field every day and do your routine job when you know there will be no rain for the next twelve years?” Bholu answered: “Dear, I go to the field and do my routine job. So, when it rains after twelve years, I will be sure not to forget how to plough the fields and sow the seeds. The practice will keep me prepared for the coming days.” Wife agreed.

Goddess Parvati was listening to the conversation. She thought the farmer is right. Goddess Parvati narrated the entire incident to Lord Shiva and said, ”Lord, you haven’t played your damru since long, and as you have promised that you won’t play it for next twelve years, I am afraid you may forget how to play it. Please practise so you don’t forget”. We also call Lord Shiva – Bhole Bhandari, which means he is very innocent. And due to his innocence, he played the damru to show that he hasn’t forgotten to play it. And as he played the damru, it started raining in the village. Villagers were extremely happy and thanked Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati for the rain.

The story ends here. The real hero of the story was Bholu, who understood the importance of learning from the past, live in present and prepare for the future. So, get up. Create your road map, and start working on it so, you do not suffer later. It’s your journey. You have to begin the journey to reach your destination.

Be proactive. Be future-ready.


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