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Is Emotional Intelligence a critical success factor?

Published: Aug 16th, 2020 05:33 pmBy Saikumar Navathe

Emotional Intelligence is a critical success factor in your career and will more than likely determine your future progression opportunities at work.

The emergence of Emotional Intelligence (EI) might be just hitting the radar for many businesses, but recruiters and Organisational Psychologists have long been aware of its increasing importance in the workplace. In fact, it is likely to be THE qualifying factor for the jobs of tomorrow.

The role of EI in the areas of leadership, job performance, stress management, coping behaviour, job satisfaction, and relationship quality has been well documented, with many new research insights being regularly published.

So, what is Emotional Intelligence or “EI”?

EI in the workplace is the ability to accurately perceive, understand, and manage emotions. People with higher levels of EI can interact and communicate with colleagues more effectively, as well as influence the dynamic of the team and culture.

In increasingly connected and collaborative workplaces, not only workplace EI is very important to teach students to manage their emotions and improve their performance.

It is relevant for a wide range of occupations, industries and job levels, but is most important for roles that require people to develop and maintain positive interpersonal relationships – or “people facing” roles. This can include positions in sales and customer service, leadership and management roles, and team or group-based roles. Imagine a workplace of 4 to 5 leaders managing their teams and Leaders themselves face problems in understanding their thoughts here the vision of an organization will be affected and total manpower getting in the wrong direction.

Those days are going to end soon where IQ is the only factor for success but things are changing around a successful person needs set of soft skills with IQ & EQ to achieve desired goals in a short time.

Is Emotional Intelligence for the workplace, Students and individuals is compulsory to get trained?


EI is about using emotions, and our knowledge of emotions, to enhance our thoughts, behaviours, and interpersonal effectiveness. It impacts our judgment and decision making, service orientation, and negotiation skills at work.

Bringing EI qualities to your workplace is now a very valued ability and is considered even more critical to the workplaces of the future, where EI is considered a critical factor for success.

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