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Breathe to Live IMMUNITY 5 + 1 workshop

Training Details

Location : Virtual (Online)
Date : 19 Jul 2021
Time : 12:00 AM - 07:30 AM

About The Event

A comprehensive online workshop of 6 days with 1.5 hours session each day based on ancient traditions of Yoga & Pranic ways along with scientific tenor.Workshop on breathing techniques & pranayamas to build immunity & rectify energy imbalance that leads to lifestyle & various other disorders like Obesity, stress, allergies, pains, diabetes, hormonal issues, hypertension etc. A special program with 41 days of post WhatsApp active handholding via whtasApp to inculcate consistency and build in expertise. Exclusive customised COMPOSITE ADVICE on food, physical activity & naturopathy provided to all participants. A program resulting in certification & life time membership privileges like FREE monthly REFRESHER workshop with Breathe to Live.

Key Benefits

  • Warm up dynamic stretches to tone up & strengthen muscles to assist in execution of Pranayamas.
  • Using breath as the miraculous tool to cure the disorders
  • Learn to read the body response and work accordingly
  • Understanding of the breathing techniques that are superior & beneficial
  • Understanding & practicing the Pranayamas & be in meditation as per the body condition to accelerate the healing processes & get rid of the disorders

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