Level of Education in 21st Century

Published: Oct 8th, 2020 06:45 pmSHIVANGI

Level of Education in 21st CenturyThe 21st century has seen a rapid increase in demand for highly skilled teachers who put great emphasis on constantly improving the learning experience for their students and adop...

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Live your Life on your own terms

Published: Oct 6th, 2020 03:51 pmSHIVANGI

Such a beautiful tagline to start a new reading journey with.Iam welcoming you all again to participate in this journey & know your own worth.The quote says:-TheHappiest PeopleI know are always evaluating and im...

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World of Techno Freak

Published: Aug 29th, 2020 06:44 pmSHIVANGI

Who is Techno Freak?A person obsessed with technology especially computer & related gadgets like iPad, iPod, video games, smartphones and so on.The repercussions to those habits of participation in virtual re...

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Be Yourself- Believe in You

Published: Aug 18th, 2020 10:50 amSHIVANGI

L.O. – Be Yourself 'Don't follow the crowd,let the crowd follow you’ -Beautifully said by Margaret Thatcher The person who follows the crowd will usually go no furtherthan the crowd. The person who walks...

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Selling Yourself = Selling Anything

Published: Aug 7th, 2020 08:55 pmSHIVANGI

Dear Readers,Welcome again.Selling yourself is an Idiom which means sell your Ideas confidently to convince others and if you can convince anyone in selling your Ideas, you can perfectly sell anything to anyone.Th...

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Managing expenses during unfavorable times.

Published: Jul 24th, 2020 04:25 pmSHIVANGI

We should know how to segregate our regular expenses & prioritize them as per our need. Recently the COVID-19 consequences showed us the actual scenario to deal with it.'s discuss...

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