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Are we willing to change and not assume ?

Published: Jan 1st, 2020 06:41 pmBy Shravan Shetty

The training event was on personality development for school children  

We were Facilitating the session in the school premises .

One of the facilitators were asked by a student on a certain aspect of presentation skills . The facilitator responded by giving the information and mentioning that it was as true as the sky is blue .

A student in sixth grade student responded to him ; Sir , the sky isn't blue as you say it all the time .It changes it colour depending on what time of the day as well as in which month of the year we are in .

We were taken by surprise and this was a spot on observation

Each of us including my co - Facilitator gave a round of applause for the student.

Our takeaway - let's not assume even the most obvious of things to be obvious because they are not so obvious .

What is easy to see is easy to miss.

What do we stand for ? 

Are we perfect ? 

Do we stand for constant feedback and evolution of ourselves 

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