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Career Counseling at Goverment School Chandigarh

Published: Sep 13th, 2021 12:11 amBy Shravan Shetty

The training was for students who had completed their 10th .

The session was coordinated by Gaurav from the Chandigarh Education Department on his own initiative.

This was done via Google meet .

This was done on a Sunday just before the day they had to fill their admission forms the subsequent Monday in specific.

The students had specific questions of immediate steps and what the choice in their 11 th standard be it Arts , commerce or science or even taking diploma or vocational courses would lead to .

Close to two weeks later one of the student got In touch for more details on the " Navgurukul " program that takes in students who have cleared 10 th who are from low income families who can clear the test and interview.This program provides free of cost residential accommodation and trains them on Python coding and UX / UI and places them on jobs in the IT sector . 

It was heartening to see this student follow up with me for additional information out of interest.

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