How to be an ACE in Life?

Training Details

Location : Zoom Meeting
Date : 03 Oct 2020
Time : 05:30 PM - 07:00 PM

About The Event

How to be an ACE in life? We all strive and aspire to be champions in whatever we do. However, we somehow forget the fact that we are already an ACE. That’s because we overlook our true identity! Let's dive deeper to understand the other dimension and another perspective of being an ACE in this webinar! Sign up now if you 1. Like to face the inevitable hurdles that surface in our life 2. Like to turn your negativity into positivity irrespective of your current situation 3. The secret behind being an ACE And all the above with an experience of being in focus , calm and over a friendly banter!!

Key Benefits

  • Self motivation to achieve wellness of body and mind.
  • Able to work with the inherent dilemmas one faces in the real life situations.
  • Balance the needs of the profession, family and society


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