Surf through VUCA world with Self Awareness board!

Training Details

Date : 16 Jun 2020
Time : 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

About The Event

VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) is always throwing choices, overwhelming choices at us! Each choice has its own consequences! With the new normal setting on a continuous basis, it is overwhelming to the mind and cause for over stress! Now, to surf safely through such world, it is necessary to understand the nature of choosing the choices thrown at us, and using the experience of consequences to arrive at a right choice! This program has a very special activity devised to understand the nature of choices that we come across, the consequences leading to multiple experiences. And then, how to be aware of the process that’s happening within so as to surf through the VUCA world safely! Key points of the program: • Activity to understand the perception of VUCA world. • A process to go within to be in self-awareness! • Bonus guided meditation! Key Take away: • A new perspective to look at the ever changing new normal! • An awareness to handle the VUCA nature of the world! • A beautiful tool for trainers, coaches and counsellors to adapt it into their process! • Enjoying the whole process and learning to be in self-awareness! This program is designed for professionals in any industry and is additionally beneficial for trainers, coaches, facilitators & counsellors as they can adopt the learning into their programs!

Key Benefits

  • Streess management
  • Negotiating the Life through its ups and downs
  • Healthy living


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