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Published: Aug 9th, 2020 01:27 pmBy Thalari Sanjeevkumar

Giving Nothing is better than Giving Wrong Things      

Hi My Name is SanjeevKumar Thalari. Entering into 40's makes me to feel the responsibility of discovering the undiscovered facts in the field of education. My experience starting from A for apple to A for attitude in 2020 motivates me to write this post.

     Earlier Education gives a complete basement for individuals for their better life, which includes basic science, Skills, and approaches to lead life very successfully. Schools were producing 100% ready to go,zero defective individuals to the society and today education system has been broken down into pieces like corporate institutions, skill training centers, coaching centers, personality development centers, employment centers so on... and finally producing piece meal structured individuals with lot of weaknesses left opened. I call them as highly literate uneducated individuals. 

       In 21st century education becomes a paradox, always ambiguous about right education, this gap has been effectively capitalizing by corporate entities in the name of techno education and enabled services like skills training, coaching centers, development centers. I am now realizing the actual meaning of Marketing "Creating Motives", majority of the individuals becoming victims to the present education system and becoming business for these corporate entities. Without assessing the required these business entities creating artificial demand for their offerings and successfully converting them into profits. 
      The prime interest of this post is not highlighting the negative aspect of current education system but highlighting the duties of individuals to make themselves fit in the present competitive world. 
     The need of the hour is educating the decision maker of the education system i.e parents. parents do need to understand the difference between what is needed and what is offered to their children from the present education institutions. Finally its better to give nothing to your children than giving wrong things.

Thank You.

                  MBA, PhD; M.Sc (Psy); PGDCA; CST; TTT; NTA NET; APSET

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