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16 Personality Traits

Published: Sep 2nd, 2020 09:28 pmBy Thalari Sanjeevkumar

Traits to Understand ones personality

Descriptors of Low Range

Primary Factor

Descriptors of High Range

Impersonal, distant, cool, reserved, detached, formal, aloof



Warm, outgoing, attentive to others, kindly, easy going, participating, likes people


Concrete thinking, lower general mental capacity, less intelligent, unable to handle abstract problems (Lower Scholastic Mental Capacity)


Abstract-thinking, more intelli gent, bright, higher general mental capacity, fast learner

(Higher Scholastic Mental Capacity)

Reactive emotionally, changeable, affected by feelings, emotionally less stable, easily upset

(Lower Ego Strength)

Emotional Stability

Emotionally stable, adaptive, mature, faces reality calmly

(Higher Ego Strength)

Deferential, cooperative, avoids conflict, submissive, humble, obedient, easily led, docile, accommodating



Dominant, forceful, assertive, aggressive, competitive, stubborn, bossy


Serious, restrained, prudent, taciturn, introspective, silent



Lively, animated, spontaneous, enthusiastic, happy go lucky, cheerful, expressive, impulsive (Surgency)

Expedient, nonconforming, disregards rules, self indulgent

(Low Super Ego Strength)


Rule-conscious, dutiful, conscientious, conforming, moralistic, staid, rule bound

(High Super Ego Strength)

Shy, threat-sensitive, timid, hesitant, intimidated (Threctia)

Social Boldness

Socially bold, venturesome, thick skinned, uninhibited (Parmia)

Utilitarian, objective, unsentimental, tough minded, self-reliant, no-nonsense, rough (Harria)


Sensitive, aesthetic, sentimental, tender minded, intuitive, refined (Premsia)

Trusting, unsuspecting, accepting, unconditional, easy (Alaxia)


Vigilant, suspicious, skeptical, distrustful, oppositional (Protension)

Grounded, practical, prosaic, solution oriented, steady, conventional (Praxernia)


Abstract, imaginative, absent minded, impractical, absorbed in ideas (Autia)

Forthright, genuine, artless, open, guileless, naive, unpretentious, involved (Artlessness)


Private, discreet, nondisclosing, shrewd, polished, worldly, astute, diplomatic (Shrewdness)

Self-Assured, unworried, complacent, secure, free of guilt, confident, self satisfied (Untroubled)


Apprehensive, self doubting, worried, guilt prone, insecure, worrying, self blaming (Guilt Proneness)

Traditional, attached to familiar, conservative, respecting traditional ideas


Openness to Change

Open to change, experimental, liberal, analytical, critical, free thinking, flexibility


Group-oriented, affiliative, a joiner and follower dependent

(Group Adherence)


Self-reliant, solitary, resourceful, individualistic, self sufficient


Tolerated disorder, unexacting, flexible, undisciplined, lax, self-conflict, impulsive, careless of social rules, uncontrolled

(Low Integration)


Perfectionistic, organized, compulsive, self-disciplined, socially precise, exacting will power, control, self-sentimental

(High Self-Concept Control)

Relaxed, placid, tranquil, torpid, patient, composed low drive

(Low Ergic Tension)


Tense, high energy, impatient, driven, frustrated, over wrought, time driven.

(High Ergic Tension)                                                                    

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