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Published: May 25th, 2019 03:00 pmBy Vandana Dushyant Vale

During my recent TTT on Facilitation Skills for 40 participants, many were plagued with the questions of the kind as the title suggests and that runs in my mind often too! True that - Is conducting training programs everyone's cup of tea? Does speaking  English well qualify to being a good Trainer or Facilitator? How does one kickstart the process if the interest to become one is established. Some pay big bucks and get certified on the same and learn anything and everything on the HOW and WHAT of that is said and ultimately discover that its practice and practice of the DELIVERY aspect mostly that brings about confidence towards the same. But then, which audience is going to be willing to allow you the time and patience to make the necessary errors to perfect your craft at your convenience?

End of the day it is a craft you solely cultivate on the basis of your passion without which you won't hold on for too long no matter how many nuances you learn. If you don't have it in you to empower, to share, to spread knowledge, to rehearse your delivery based on your content being King, to speculate, accept criticism for introspection, learn to laugh at yourself and your mistakes, create fun with good humour, examples for audience interaction, for you to learn much more from your participants - than they from you AND most importantly AS I DO - look forward to meeting different people and having them in my life and not just as a number in your contact lists - chances are..You are on your way to becoming a Trainer my friend!!!! 

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