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Published: Jul 18th, 2020 09:29 amBy Vasudev Ballaney

In context to OH vs OOOOOH, blog written by PONNAMAL SUBRAMANIAM, am recollecting my memory of such OH! & oooh!.

Friends, we all know, its not worth playing Casino, as it’s a curse not boon.

But for me it was a life-changer.

In the year 1962, we use to stay in Navsari (south Gujarat), my father’s was a govt. servant & take home salary was only 35/- bucks. Among which he use to offer 10/- bucks to my grandfather, 10 bucks towards household expenses,  5/- bucks towards rent of one bhk large size (kitchen itself was 15’x15’), old housings were of large sizes. Imagine the balance money……. At the end of the month.

Herein I was just 4 years old, and it was my parent’s wish that I shall be educated in an English medium. My father inquired from a nearby Catholic managed school newly opened, was charging 135/- bucks for admission, some part of donations, books, yearly fees etc..... hence it was oh!!!

Upon this inquiry, he spoke to my mother, how can this be managed, but of course, its my wish that my son must get an education in English medium (as he graduated himself throughout in English medium in Pakistan, we were migrants / refugees in India, during World war of 1947).

During this course of time, my maternal uncle who belonged to Mumbai had gone to Nepal for some business trip & fortunately had won 2000/- bucks by playing CASINO, and landed up in Navsari, our home.

Casually, my mother narrated the education proposal of mine to him.  He said “no worries sister, you can have as much money as you want for Vasudev for his education”.

The discussion was concluded by my father & he just requested to help for 35/- bucks, as the need was. However my Mama (maternal uncle), offered us 50 bucks......ooooooh!!!!, an hence what I am today, the entire credit goes to my beloved Mama.

Hence for us CASINO was a BOON.


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