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“This is the Only Way We Do It.”

Published: Nov 21st, 2019 08:30 amBy vineet bhatt

“This is the only way we have been doing it.” “This is the only way I have known.” “I haven’t seen anyone doing it differently.” These are some common refrains I get to hear when I question the status quo.

Not exploring alternative ways of working deprives you of an open and creative mind and of more rewarding outcomes. Newer discoveries are exciting and open up new possibilities that yield better results. It’s boring to do the same thing for the same outcome even if it’s the best way to do it. Contentment can be regressive in the fast times we live in.

We are in a creative economy where ideas win us the game. And you cannot be creative unless you are constantly devising new ways that yield you better results. As human beings, we are meant to grow and evolve. We wouldn’t have seen progress if we were smug in our achievements.

Here are some ways to battle a constrictive mindset:

  • Be unbridled like a child for at least one day a week and be inquisitive about just everything. There’s enough time to act like an adult on the remaining days.
  • Be curious about different outcomes for the sake of excitement and discovery and not for the accuracy of it.
  • Ask questions even if they sound foolish. Asking stupid questions may not stall your growth but not asking may.
  • Thrive in the joy of discovery. Make mistakes, for mistakes are a result of doing things the different way. Doing the same right thing the same right way will never give you the joy of discovery.  

The odds of personal growth are much higher with an active mind that seeks answers than with a static mind that accepts the status quo. Never let curiosity die within for if it dies life will be no more than walking a calf path that will never lead you to possibly better destinations. 

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