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Gadgets: Has it expanded your Scope?

Published: Jul 5th, 2021 09:57 pmBy Aishwarya Magesh

Smartphone have so many options , they have made life so easy in this pandemic. Has it really made it easy I wonder!!!!! Sitting at home you can buy anything and everything.

Does that mean we have expanded and gone Global?

The options have expanded but yet we are limited, we are limited to the app, we are limited to the store that is linked to the app, we are limited to the comfort of the payment gateways and security.

There are more limitation then we think. We are confined to the place and  a store near us , that is what the preference we like to place the orders to as we have seen, felt, used and practiced our day today life. Our system and our trust to go beyond a level of acceptance has made us limited.

Now what I feel is that the system and our thinking has given us limitation, Smart phone have made life simple but yet now made has expand beyond what we can accept. It has made addictive, impulsive and confined to our palms. 

The needs have changed, now a smartphone, laptops, iphone, Ipad, tablets, Alexa, Fitbit, Everything is inter connected, yet they are all more gadget but they all have the same role so should we need them or should not....... 

In this lockdown, the demand for necessities have changed, a gadgets is more important for a home even to get a small product then the cooking or engaging at home. 

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